Desktop Notepad v2.0.1.56

Desktop Notepad allows you to display text on your desktop wallpaper. You can use it to display reminders or other important messages. The application doesn’t support multiple notes, so you have to replace the text on your desktop just like you would in the Windows Notepad.

The program displays a window on top of your desktop. This window contains all the text you enter. It should be resized to fit your text, because it doesn’t have any scroll bars. Whenever you move your mouse over this special window, it “wakes up”, allowing you to modify the text.

Desktop Notepad enables you to choose the background color of the enabled window as well as the color of the text. You can also modify the font used to display the text. It’s also possible to set the application to start with Windows.


Drawbacks / flaws: I tried changing the color of the text to white. All the letters became blurry, and the text was not readable anymore. The fact that you can’t set the application to ignore the mouse after you enter text, is sometimes annoying.

In conclusion: The idea of this software is quite nice. However, the program is too simple considering its cost. I’m waiting for the next version and for some extra features.




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