Microsoft Private Folder (Official)

Microsoft Private Folder For Windows XP

Microsoft released an excellent add-on to Windows XP called Microsoft Private Folder. Get it quick because enterprise admins are complaining to Microsoft and rumor has it Microsoft pulled Microsoft Private Folder from their site. What is Microsoft Private Folder? This add-on to XP allows you to password protect a folder within your My Documents called. “My Private Folder” This is an excellent addition to Windows XP for those who share a common Windows profile.

Microsoft Private Folder Installation
Installation of Microsoft Private Folder is easy. Just double click the file MSPF10ENU.msi to begin the installation of Microsoft Private Folder. It will provide the install path, just hit next and then reboot your PC. The install path is not the path of your Microsoft Private Folder, it is located in your profile’s My Documents folder under c:\documents and settings.

Using Microsoft Private Folder
After your reboot you will have an icon on your desktop called “My Private Folder”

If you double click this icon you will be prompted for your My Private Folder password. Once you enter the password you can view the contents of the Microsoft Private Folder.

You will also be provided with an icon for Microsoft Private Folder in the lower right corner by your clock. It looks like an unlocked padlock.

If you right click this icon you can lock your Microsoft Private Folder when you are done using it.





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