Instant Paypal IPN Generator, Allows, Secure your Digital Products

Quickly and Easily Generate PayPal IPN Scripts and Secure your Digital Products Today!

Have you ever looked at a Scientist’s whiteboard with all of it’s Mathimatical chicken scratchings and wondered how anybody could make any kind of sense out of it? Well, unless you’re a web programmer, looking at PayPal’s example IPN scripts will illicit much the same reaction.

Now you can forget trying to decypher PayPal’s IPN script examples, or forget having to pay through your nose for a Programmer to do it for you! Our Instant PayPal IPN Generator will quickly and easily produce PayPal IPN Scripts in PHP* for you. These scripts will work for your new and existing products!
* (PHP is a common Sever-Side Scripting Language that most modern Web Hosts support).

What is PayPal’s IPN, (Instant Payment Notification), and why do you need it? PayPal’s IPN service allows you to confirm payment of your Digital Goods/Subscriptions before letting your buyer have access to your Download or Thank-you page. This eliminates the ability for someone to receive access to your Product online without payment.

PayPal’s IPN is a system that effectively “talks” to your web site, cross referencing a few key variables from your PayPal purchase button to ensure your visitor actually bought your product, before sending them to your Download/Thank-you page. (See example below).

Without PayPal’s IPN system, your PayPal buttons are susceptible to being tampered with, or your Download/Thank-you page can be found and viewed directly. Here are some of the ways your Digital Products can be obtained when using PayPal but not using PayPal IPN:
Someone can find and view your Download/Thank-you page without paying.
Your buyer can share your Download/Thank-you page with whomever they want
A sneaky potential buyer can tamper with the amount paid for your Product, possibly buying it for as little as $0.01!
Or they could easily tamper with the “business” value in your PayPal Button and effectively pay themselves for your Product!
Your buyer could easily sell your Product themselves, sending their buyers to your Download/Thank-you page!

Although items 3 and 4 can easily be avoided simply by Encrypting your PayPal button through PayPal’s built in Button Encryption, items 1, 2, and 5 are still a very great threat.

Instant IPN Generator will do all the work for you!

With our Instant IPN Generator, all you need is a copy of your PayPal button you’ll be using for your web site. Simply Copy & Paste your button code into the software, fill in a few more tidbits of information, click the Generate button and the Instant IPN Generator will give you everything you need to use PayPal’s IPN system and also further secure your Download/Thank-you page.

File Size : 1.07MB





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