Parental Scanner 2.0

You don’t know, but you suspect there might be some. Your children can hide pornographic files really deeply so that you never find out about them. Despite your children’s efforts, you can quickly find out whether your children store such files and where they store them.

Find all pornographic materials in a couple of minutes

Several minutes will be enough for Parental Scanner to find where files your children are not supposed to see are located. Start the program and press the Enter key to do it. While the program is searching for pornographic materials, you can have a cup of aromatic coffee.

Files have been found, so what to do?

The main purpose of the program is to detect all folders where files with obscene contents are stored. That is why you see the results in two tables. The first table shows the names of all folders where suspicious files have been detected. Double-click such a folder and it will be opened in Explorer. Study its contents in Explorer and decide what you will do with the folder. The second table shows all detected suspicious files. You can also double-click any item in the second table and it will open this file.

Peculiarities in the work of the program

– All hard disks and their partitions are searched.

– Files smaller than 25 KB are ignored during the search.

Search now and see whether your suspicions will be confirmed

You can start working with the program by pressing the Enter key so do not postpone trying the program. Try the program right now and find out what your children hide from your eyes on their computer. And if you do not find anything, you will be able to breathe a sign of relief.

File Size : 1.02 MB




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