Dance Ejay 7 – Virtual Music Studio

Dance eJay 7 is a new and powerful, yet easy to use music making package from the new eJay Virtual Music Studio series. Dance 7 takes song creation to the next level, using a library of real-time virtual instruments and effects that can be added to at a later date.

This excellent program features 99 true stereo tracks which have controls for pan and volume, as well as Performance Curves. Songs are now built from Sound Clips, which contain one real-time instrument from a selection of Sample Loop Player, Poly Synth, Bass Synth and Drum Machine, and up to 4 real-time effects per clip, allowing extreme flexibility and final production polish.

Product Features

– Build songs from Sound Clips or create your own songs, note by note.
– 5000+ Sounds (Sound Clips, Waveforms and Virtual Instrument Patches).
– Fully expandable with more Plug-in Instruments and Effects.
– Virtual Instruments can be operated in Simple or Advanced mode.
– Polyphony and effects count are only limited by the speed of your PC.
– Change BPM without changing the pitch of the song (40 – 600 bpm).
– Faster Load times than previous versions.
– Full Undo/Redo function.
– 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 960 screen modes.




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