AMD Dual Core Optimizer V 9.0.333.0

In you the binuclear processor AMD, but for some reason always will not begin to operate two nuclei? In the games, the programs… Company AMD is ready to you soak! You will install the new driver AMD Dual-Core Optimizer and both nuclei will earn to the complete! Even when program is not turned directly to Windows api, but it works with instructions RDTSC (Read Time Stamp Counter). Simply stated, after the installation of driver the second nucleus will earn in the majority even not knowing about its existence programs!
The more detailed study of description AMD Dual-Core Optimizer indicates only that this program makes it possible to solve the problem with the incorrect initialization of the internal timers of processor nuclei rarely observing on the separate maternal pays. Thus, if processor nuclei in the binuclear processor were initialized by maternal pay not synchronously, with the work in Windows can arise different unpleasant phenomena, similar to the short-term “hanging up” of the systems, which are especially noticeable in the games. Such unpleasant effects appear during the switching by the manager of the tasks of the operating system of application from one nucleus to the adjacent. Utility Dual-Core Optimizer can prove to be useful only in such a case, when you suffer from similar disgusting symptoms.



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