Innovative SysPack 2.0

Innovative SysPack 2.0 | 50,9 MB

Innovative SysPack is an utility suite which consists of six famous system tools: 4 commercial programs and 2 free bonus programs. They are all award-winning tools from Innovative Solutions, well-known for their performance, ease of use and effectiveness. Innovative SysPack contains the latest versions of these excellent tools for Windows Vista and Windows XP: Innovative System Optimizer – Nicknamed “Vitamin for Vista”, this tool is focused on optimizing and accelerating your Windows system. It uses all the known methods for speeding up Windows to achieve a noticeable speed increase for your PC.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 9.0 – Designed for extreme software removal needs, this tool helps you remove applications, programs, browser extensions and plugins, and many other things. It can monitor an application’s setup and then completely remove that application from your PC. It also cleans your internet and computer use history.

Advanced Task Manager – Real insight into the programs running on your PC awaits you. Did you ever want to know
every detail regarding the many programs that run on your computer? Now you can, with Advanced Task Manager.

Innovative Startup Firewall – A powerful watchdog standing guard over the Windows startup locations.
Whenever a program tries to insert itself into your computer’s startup, it will let you know, and ask you
which action to take – such as – allow the program, or block that program automatically and don’t allow it to
start automatically.

Advanced Disk Cleaner – Gives your hard-disk a through clean-up by searching for, identifying and deleting
temporary and garbage files left behind by Windows and by the programs you run. Frees up your space, gives you room for your files!

DriverMax – Our widely acclaimed hardware drivers backup and restore utility. Backup your drivers to have all of
them in one place. Then, whenever you need it, install all your drivers in one easy step which takes 2 minutes,
sparing you of countless hours of searching for drivers and many reboots. It also checks for driver updates and
identifies unknown hardware.

Innovative SysPack is the best six-pack of utilities available now, to you, for Windows Vista & Windows XP! A
sixpack of power tools for your PC!

what’s new in SysPack v2:

– updated to include Advanced Uninstaller PRO 9



4 Responses to “Innovative SysPack 2.0”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey, Thanks alot from America! 🙂

  2. Mike Says:

    Hey, Thanks alot from America! 🙂

  3. Rukawa Says:

    you’re welcome broo…

    come and visit again broo…


  4. Rukawa Says:

    you’re welcome broo…

    come and visit again broo…


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