Iphone Unlocking – Iplus 2.0

IPlus is quickly becoming the definitive tool for unlocking, jailbreak and activation of the iPhone. If you aren’t already familiar with iPlus you need to check it out.

Why choose iPlus? iPlus uses BL 3.9FakeBlank for bootloader downgrading. This means that the process is fully reversible (unlike some other tools), giving you the peace of mind that you can go back to where you started if you feel the need. And iplus can also unlock latest version 1.1.4!

Features of iPlus 2.0b include:
1-Unlock and, if required, automatically downgrade the bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9FakeBlank
4-Install AFC2

Add the following packages:
Community Sources
BSD subsystem

And even more:
BSD Fix (backspace)
VT100 Fix (can’t login)
Summerboard themes directory fix (installation issues)
Relocates Fonts and Ringtones (Allows for more than 120MB free for Apps!)
Customizable payloads!

This great release has many bug fixes including:

  • Unlock/downgrade strategy rework: Now safer than ever!
  • New Interface on the iPhone (using iPipe from MCA)
  • Fix for the “Repair Needed” problem reported by some users
  • iPlus will always reboot twice (and not 2 or 3 times)
  • Pass 2 visual feedback. Now users know what is going on
  • PC/Mac program will not end until everything is really done
  • Support for PPC
  • Better error handling
  • Empty payloads – just jailbreak
  • No need to install libreadline on MacOS X.




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