Applian Replay Media Catcher

Capture Premium Video and Audio With the First-ever Streaming Flash
and MP3 Recorder Image Introducing Replay Media Catcher, the only
software that lets you capture streaming Flash™ Video (FLV format) and
MP3 Audio from previously unrecordable streams. And it’s incredibly easy
to use! Just click Start Recording, then laugh heartily as tons of great
media fills your hard drive as you play it.

For capturing online video, you can record from hundreds of popular
places, including:

* MySpace™
* YouTube™
* Sony/BMG Music Videos
* ABC™
* NBC™
* New York Times™
* Reuters™
* Metacafe™
* And many, many more!

Snag MP3s from Popular Music Sites
For audio and music sites, Replay Media Catcher will grab the MP3s as
they stream down to your PC. It works great with sites like:

* MySpace™
* Pandora™
* Radio Blog Club™
* Wolfgang’s Vault™
* and more!


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