Balloon Bliss V1.0

Colorful game, which resembles the classical Collapse.
Represent – you look at the air ball, which is slowly risen into the sky. You sosredotachivayete your view, and ball bursts itself, and your feet gradually begin to be torn off from the earth… To you it is necessary more than balls in order to take off and to take pleasure by freedom from the height. Burst balls and take off – it is above and it is above!
In the game of 2 regimes, interesting subject, several bought bonusov the pleasant atmosphere.

Imagine that you are looking at a balloon rising slowly into the bright blue sky. As you focus your eyes on it, it pops, and slowly you start to feel your feet rising off the ground. Your toes tip up, if only by an inch. Amazed by this recent discovery, your gaze rests on another balloon, and again you start to lift towards the clouds. Suddenly you are flying and discovering the scintillating joy of Balloon Bliss. Curl your fingers around the strings of these bright balloons – feel as if you’re actually flying in this gravity-defying Match 3 puzzler



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