InchWest Hotkeycontrol 6.0

Hotkeycontrol XP is a software to customize hotkeys (or single keys) for specific purposes. It can also be used to change volume with On-screen-display or display in tray icon. You can customize your keyboard for almost any action. Using iOSD, any animated gif file can be used to display the volume status on screen. Also,using iOSD, any bitmap can be displayed on the screen conveniently using hotkeys. You can play/eject audio CD`s,hide/close/keep active window on top or shutdown/restart/logoff your computer.

You can also send keystrokes which may be used to type in frequently used text. Also programs can be run with optional command-line parameters thus increasing the program`s functionality.You can also control your browser and any media player with hotkeys. All these hotkeys can optionally be made active only when a given combination of Num,Caps,Scroll lock are on or off.This helps in reusing the same hotkeys for more than one purpose depending on the lock keys.



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