Instant Movie Maker


nterVideo Instant Movie Maker allows you to make professional looking video in 3 easy steps!

Automatic & Fast

We do it all for you! Our Intelligent Editing and Intelligent Filter technology save your time by editing your video content automatically.

• Fun

Never a dull video! Our Intelligent Detection technology extracts the highlights from your long, dull videos and turns them into a
compact movie with fancy effects. Selecting a style, you will get a groovy, awesome, and fun movie.

• Efficient

Success without effort! Are you anxious to record from a DV/Webcam or TV to disc so every precious scene is kept?
Our Direct Recording technology can archive videos from any capture device to your disc straightforwardly and especially
without the wait


Processor Intel Pentium III 600MHhz Intel Pentium 4 1.6Ghz
RAM 128Mb 256Mb
Operating System Windows 2000 SP3 or Windows XP SP1/SP2
Sound Windows compatible sound card that supports 48KHz playback (PCI recommended)
Hard Drive 100MB for installation
DirectX 9



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