PC Chaperone v5.6.521

PC Chaperone improves productivity by reducing distractions and prevents prohibited and illegal activity Both productivity and morale can be increased by allowing personal use of programs such as AOL, MSN, or Yahoo Messenger while using the scheduling tools to prevent excessive use Employers can be liable for illegal activities of their employees, such as illegal music and movie downloads or the installation of unlicensed software. PC Chaperone eliminates all of these risks.

Internet filtering to block unwanted content
Set different time limits for different websites, an option missing from all other parental controls
Record websites visited and attempts to view blocked sites.
Control and record AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messengers.
Block peer-to-peer file sharing, a source of adult content.
Keystroke logging to monitor user activity in any program.
Schedule access any program or group of programs.
Set time limits on when the computer can be used.
Prevent new program installations.




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