Quran Reciter + Quran Translations in 24 languages

Quran Translations in 24 languages. (Azerbaijani, Bosnian,Chinese Simplified,Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Suahili, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu). QuranReciter 4.0 beta 1 – Full Installation This installation includes Arabic Text of Quran, 3 different English Translations, Yusuf Ali Commentary, English transliteration. Additional language translations can be downloaded from below. After installing additional languages, To change the displayed text in QuranReciter, use the down arrow button on the top of each text window Azerbaijani Bosnian Chinese Simplified Chinese Dutch Finnish French German Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malayalam Malaysian Persian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Suahili Tamil Thai Turkish Urdu




2 Responses to “Quran Reciter + Quran Translations in 24 languages”

  1. liank Says:

    ne buat tranlate bahasa indonesia gimana ya

  2. liank Says:

    ne buat tranlate bahasa indonesia gimana ya

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