Business In a Box PRO-"Business-in-a-Box™ is the ultimate document-writing tool.

Business-in-a-Box™ is the ultimate document-writing tool. Including over 1,200 templates of essential contracts, agreements, letters, board resolutions, plans, proposals, policies, checklists and spreadsheets, Business-in-a-Box™ simplifies and accelerates all your writing tasks. Simply fill in the blanks and you’ll be ready to do business in minutes!

Save Money – Avoid lawyer’s fees by using reliable do-it-yourself legal forms.
Save Time & Effort – Don’t start from scratch. Simply fill-in the blanks!
Act Professionally – Improve your overall productivity and corporate image. Fast Document Search – Perform keyword searches or browse by subject.
Easily Customize Templates – Use MS Word & Excel or the Default Text Editor.
Auto-Fill Feature – Automatically enter your information in all relevant fields.

» Used by:
Presidents / CEOs
Home-Based Workers
Lawyers / Attorneys
HR Managers
Marketing Managers
Operations Managers
Account Executives

Business Planning & Management
Prepare your board of directors & shareholders’ meetings
Write a powerful business plan
Assess your industries and competition’s strengths & weaknesses
Conduct a management audit to improve your procedures
Credit & Collection
Receive dues which are slow to arrive
Increase your credit facility
Issue credit to some of your customers
Employment & HR
Write a complete employee manual effortlessly
Hire/fire employees
Hire a contractor/consultant
Write detailed company policies and procedures
Prepare professional job descriptions
Conduct personnel evaluations
Manage your workforce
Sign confidentiality agreements with employees/candidates
Finance & Accounting
Raise capital
Apply for grants
Improve accounting methods
Sell or buy shares
Improve your relationship with your banker
Internet & Technology
Learn how to develop an effective website
Improve your marketing tactics & online presence
Develop custom software programs or resell other vendors’ products
Expand your market reach with co-branding opportunities and affiliate marketing
Set up your website’s policies (privacy, terms of use, etc)
Protect your Intellectual Properties and Copyrights
Protect your company with confidentiality agreements
Use By-laws, Shareholders Agreement & Articles of Incorporation to setup your business
Better negotiate your office lease
Sublease extra space
Operations & Logistics
Speed-up and simplify shipping and ordering
Facilitate equipment maintenance
Sales & Marketing
Increase your sales with better communication
Improve your customer inquiries response time
Plan a marketing campaign
Send a press release
Sign distribution/partnership deals to expand your market



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