Chm2web Pro 2.75

Using chm2web you can convert documentation in the chm format (html help) into a full-featured browser-based platform-independent html help system that can be viewed in any modern web browser. The set of HTML files created by chm2web can be as well uploaded to your web server or used locally as a help system for your products.

Why create web online help systems?

1. To make your potential customers stay with your product right after the first visit of your web site. Let them see that your product is exactly what they need and that they need not to search further.
2. To drive more traffic to your web site from search engines. There is no other material like your help file that contains as many keywords and key phrases of high relevance to your software.
3. To be able to give direct links to your online help system web pages to your customers instead of trying to explain how to navigate your offline help file.
4. If you software features web-interface it must have an online help system. Even if you do not have a ready HTML help file you can easily create one using freeware Microsoft html help workshop and then convert it to online help system using chm2web within several seconds.

Finally, web based help system increases interest value of your software. For instance,, one of the most popular software archives, gives additional points to the software that offers online help system.
chm2web Key Features:

* There are no limits to customizing the view of your online help system that you can build into the existing sites creating your own templates and using the standard ones.
* Help systems created by chm2web are platform- and browser-independent.
* Chm2web makes use of some solutions enabling searching engines to index the created documentation much better.
* Online web help systems created by chm2web have a tree-like table of contents, a help index, and the full-text search feature.
* It enables the creation of frame-based, frame-free or mobile (for viewing on a Pocket PC or Palm PDA) versions of online help systems;
* The built-in pre-processor is capable of deleting unwanted headers and footers and adding customizable html code to help pages;
* The conversion process can be automated using command line options;
* There is a built-in chm decompiller enabling the extraction of files, including service ones.
* Free to try.
* Affordable price.




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