PHP USB v1.011 A web server in your pocket!

PHPUSB enables you to install an apache web server with php module and mysql extension, with phpmyadmin on a USB stick. Perfect for development use, and/or using in demonstrations with no internet connection. Compatible with windows NT/2k/XP/Vista

PHP 5.4.2 – PHP’s Lates build
MySQL 5.0 – MySQL’s latest stable community build
Apache 2.0
PHPMyAdmin 2.11
Sessions enabled with or without cookies
Quick install, just extract the files from the zip archive to the top level of the usb stick
Works reguardless of drive letter
Doesn’t require admin rights, perfect for windows vista.
No files are required on the host machine everything is stored on the usb stick
To install extract the files and the folder apache to the ROOT of the drive i.e. if you usb stick drive letter is E: extract it to E:\
Or if you are running it from your hard drive and it’s letter is C:\ extract it to C:\
If you don’t place it in the root you will get an error of path not found.

PHPUSB contains php5.2.4 and mysql 5.0 running on apache 2.0 with phpmyadmin 2.11

The php.ini file is configured to run using little memory resources and for development use

MySQL port 3332
Apache port 8082

Double click startapache to run apache, press ctrl-c then Y to shut it down
Double click startmysql.bat to run mysql and doubleclick stopmysql.bat to shut it down safely
mysql_command_line.bat gives the user command line access

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