CMS RS Grabber 1.4.8D plus ProxyFinder

CMS RS Grabber 1.4.8D plus ProxyFinder plus 10000 Pr o _x y List

build date 1-April-2008

CMS Grabber, a popular RapidShare download helper utility, has been upgraded to latest version of 1.4.8 to fix problem bugging previous edition of CMS Grabber 1.4.7A, 1.4.6B, 1.4.6, 1.4.5 and other old versions where changes in RapidShare code and domain name from .de to .com causing the Grabber not working. GMS Grabber v.1.4.8 fixes grabber and fixex link checker, and added a few other new features such as Huawei Tool and improved download support for and

Features :

CMS Grabber explains that Huawei Tool ables to renew IP address for ADSL users using supported hardware such as SmartAX MT882 ADSL router/modem automatically. Although currently only router in USB mode is supported, but Team CodeMasters as, the developer of CMS Grabber promises next version will allow users to specify router address instead force to connect the modem through USB port. This feature definitely enhance CMS Grabber ability to bypass and crack RapidShare download limits imposed on non-premium members, by providing additional way to change IP address other than using proxies.

CMS RS Grabber 1.4.8D

What’s New in 1.4.8D (build date 1-April-2008)
– fixed downloads
– fixed link checker

CMS RS Grabber v1.4.8

Download like a premium user now

1. Install Pr o _x y Finder 1.1
2. Click on Find
3. Then right click and copy
4. Then open cms grabber
5. Click on tools at the top right, then Pr o _x y Checker!
6. Click on “Import from clipboard”
7. Then check one appropriate box,
8. Press “Check”…
9. When checking the proxies has completed, click “Copy valid proxies to Clipboard”.
10. Exit Pr o _x y checker then go to Step 2 on CMS Grabber click on “Edit”
11. Paste ur proxies here as below
12. Save and exit.


This program is not Vista compatible, but works fine with disabled UAC (User Account Control – very useful and inovative thing which renders your computer useless and annoying to use it).



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