Nature Sound theraphy


See yourself in one of the most tranquil paradises in the
world. Perhaps sitting next to a gentle gurgling brook on a
warm day or in the peaceful presence of a rolling sea. All
worries and cares drift away as you close your eyes and
listen to the peaceful rhythms of Mother Nature.

You will find the features of Natura invaluable as you
discover how much it can help you. With so many demands and
distractions in your day, it can be difficult to achieve
what you set out to do, whether it is to focus on a task,
relax after a hard day of work, or get restful sleep.
Natura will help you do those things more efficiently and
effectively than you thought possible. It is the ideal tool
to aid you in improving your quality of life. Try living in
a more relaxed, balanced state and see for yourself how
much better your life can be. Your mind, body, and the
world around you will thank you for it!

Some of Natura’s features:

* Relax with 34 nature and music sounds including:
Ocean Waves, Babbling Brook, Rain/thunder storm, Singing
Birds, Insects, Chirping Frogs, Wind Chimes, Ambient Space
1 & 2, Native American Flute, Piano, Ambient Dub, and Hand
* Coax your brain into a different state with 64
Brainwave Synchronizer tones.
* Instantly access customized mood enhancement with 38
easy quick start Factory Presets.
* Choose a peaceful scene out of 14 Visualizations.
* Select your favorite color with the Custom Color Picker.
* Make up to 121 of your own favorite combinations with
the User Presets.
* Control the length of your sessions with the
Countdown Timer.
* Personalize your view with 20 Background Images.
* Add extra audio and visual features, or Plug-ins, as
they become available though our shop.

Some uses of Natura:

* Get a full night’s sleep.
* Use as a meditation aid.
* Help yourself study or concentrate.
* Relax while you work at your computer.
* Overcome writer’s block.
* Help a baby get to sleep.
* Calm your pets.
* Decrease anxiety.
* Clear the cobwebs from your mind.
* Heal yourself.
* Drown out distracting noises.
* and 1000’s more uses…

To start, we suggest that you explore the factory presets
to become familiar with the wide range that Natura offers.
Don’t be afraid to click around and explore the features
and settings. Be patient and in no time, you will learn how
easy it is to control Natura.

1. Unpack
2. Install
3 Press OK when ask to validate
4. Try
5. Buy the stuff if you like it and use it


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