XPMedic 4.2 | 2008

XP Medic is specifically designed to eliminate crashes in computers using the Windows XP operating system. From system slowdowns to continual crashing and error messages, XP Medic will quickly repair your XP OS with just a click of the mouse.

XP Medic provides you with full control over all the settings and functions in your XP operating system. These include disabling on/off functions as well as reports, and speeding up shut downs. You will also have complete control over your MSN messenger, your media player, Internet Explorer, Auto Updates, Task Scheduling, Network Settings and much, much more.


* XP Medic is the ONLY software exclusively engineered for the specific needs of the XP Registry System instead of all windows operating systems like most registry programs. The XP Medic deep scans all five registry keys and quickly finds and fixes any problems that are causing your system to crash or malfunction. This is the most advanced registry repair system in the world today.
* XP Medic features a full fledged system optimization suite that allows you to control all the various settings that can either hinder or improve performance of your XP operating system. The XP Medic optimization suite allows you to have full control over Windows XP including the ability to optimize messenger, media player and internet explorer.
* Over time, it’s not uncommon for a computer to have literally dozens of hidden processes operating in the background that eat up computing power and slow your system to a snails pace. XP Medic identifies all visible and hidden processes, and allows you to instantly terminate them with one click.
* XP Medic improves and monitors system performance to ensure your computer is always running at optimal performance and processing speed. XP Medic allows you to optimize your RAM memory as well as monitor your computer processing power all from one interface.
* Maximize your online data transfer regardless of your connection speed using XP Medic’s custom internet optimization features. When combined with XP Medic’s other features, your online experience will be fully optimized for top performance while increasing reliability.





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