Boomerang Data Recovery v1.0.5, Recover all types of files from your Windows PC

Lost data? Boomerang can bring it back! Boomerang tackles any type of recovery, including deleted files, lost or damaged partitions, RAID volumes, camera/flash cards… almost anything! Boomerang is the result of years or research and refinement and is the best choice for getting your data back quickly and affordably. Boomerang supports FAT & NTFS volumes all in a single product, including the new Windows Vista!

Boomerang Data Recovery Software is built upon years of research and in-lab experience with real-world data recoveries. Boomerang is your best bet for getting your data back now. Try Boomerang for free and see how simple it is to get your lost data back.

Recover your lost data with Boomerang!
> Deleted Files (undelete)
> Ghosted Volumes
> Lost Partitions
> RAID Systems (Multi-Disk Arrays)
> Formatted Drives
> Photos & Files on Flash Cards
> Even drives that no longer mount!

Easily recover:
> Photos, Music & Videos
> Damaged Hard Drives
> Undelete (Deleted Files)
> Lost Partitions
> iPods & MP3 Players
> RAID Arrays

Easier than 1-2-3
Simply download Boomerang and click a few buttons and you’ll be recovering data within minutes. Boomerang takes all the guesswork and lets you get back on with your day.

Won’t Complicate the Matter
Boomerang is a non-destructive data recovery system. Don’t risk your data to programs that attempt to fix the drive until AFTER you recover your data. Fixing a disk is an often risky situation and can even lead to further data loss.


* Windows 98 SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and VISTA
* 256MB Ram or Higher
* Storage Space to Save Your Recovered Data


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