Pepsky All In One

Pepsky All In One

Pepsky All In One is a disc burning and multimedia conversion program comprised of multiple tools. It supports Window 2000/XP/2003/Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems. Now it provides 15 stable and easy-to-use tools for the users. These tools can be used to burn data CD/DVD, burn music CD, copy data, music, film CD/DVD, convert between different music file formats, extract audio/video from DVD, convert video files, make virtual disc (supporting encrypted games) and make image files.

Here are some key features of “Pepsky All In One”:

Burn Data CD/DVD
· You can burn files or folders onto a blank CD or DVD disc. It supports making bootable discs.

· Copying your existing music, data and film CD/DVD fast and stably to another blank CD/DVD disc. The copied disc is identical to the original disc.

Make Image from Disc
· Making disc image files that can be used in a virtual drive from music, data or film CDs/DVDs (also including encrypted game discs).

Burn Image to Disc
· Burning a disc image file (such as an image file in SVD, ISO, etc.) to a blank CD/DVD.

Convert Audio CDs to Audio Files
· Saving audio tracks in a music CD as music files in MP3, WMA, etc.

Music File Converter
· Converting music files between different formats to be played on different players such as mobile phone or iPod, etc.

Make Audio CD
· Burning music files in many formats such as MP3, WMA, etc. to a normal Audio CD that can be played on all kinds of CD players and computers.

Create MP3 CD/DVD
· Burning MP3 music files to CDs/DVDs, which can be played on a computer or a player supporting MP3 disc playing (such as some car audio system).

· Burning WMA music files to CDs/DVDs, which can be played on a computer or a player supporting WMA disc playing (such as some car audio system).

DVD Ripper
· Extracting video and audio information from video/audio DVDs and compress it into video files in formats such as MP4, MPEG or audio files in MP3, etc.

Rip DVD9 to DVD5
· Compressing and burning a video DVD in DVD9 (volume: about 8.5 GB) to a blank disc in DVD5 format (volume: about 4.5 GB). The video/audio quality can be kept almost unchanged.

Erase Disc
· Erasing contents on a rewritable disc.

Drive and Disc Information
· Checking the information of the optical drive(s) and disc(s) on your computer.

Virtual Disc (Supporting Game Discs)
· Simulating one or multiple CD/DVD drives. Disc images in various formats can be loaded. It supports loading image files generated by game discs.
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