1 Click Boost 2.4

1 Click Boost 2.4

1 Click Boost 2.4 | 3.1 MB

Are you drumming your fingers while you’re waiting for that download to finish? Save your fingernails and end the frustration of slow connections, hang-ups, time-outs,memory leaks and crashes. 1 Click Boost cleans and optimizes your computer memory which makes it run faster and more efficiently both on and off the Internet.

Your niche ram booster and internet accelerator software is Power packed with configuration options for the veteran, intuitive default settings making 1 Click Boost easy for the beginning PC user to set up and operate as well.

Automatically optimizes computer memory.

Super charges your Internet Connection to transfer data at maximum speed (Dial-up, LAN and DSL)

Monitors memory and recovers unused RAM stored by closed programs

Option to set memory performance goals. You decide when memory needs a boost.

Real time statistics on memory and CPU use in addition to stats on usage history.

Information about system use of hidden processes

Fully configurable with a choice of presets as well as easily tuned individual settings.

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