Windows Blinds 6.0 Enhanced + THEMES

Windows Blinds 6.0 Enhanced + THEMES

Windows Blinds 6.0 Enhanced + THEMES | 31 Mb

WindowBlinds is a software utility that allows users to completely
change the look and feel of Microsoft Windows. It works by applying new
visual styles, called skins, across the entire user interface (title
bars, push buttons, start menu, taskbar, etc.) of the operating system.
As a result, users gain complete control over the way Windows looks.
Since 1998, WindowBlinds has been the defacto standard when it comes to
customizing the look and feel of Microsoft Windows. A WindowBlinds
users can apply thousands of free skins from the Internet that change
title bars, push buttons, Start menus, scrollbars and every other
element of the Windows GUI. WindowBlinds gives users the power to
personalize their Windows experience to match their particular style.

Since its initial release, WindowBlinds has steadily improved in
capability, performance, robustness, and popularity. With over 12
million downloads at CNET’s, WindowBlinds is the most
popular desktop enhancement utility of all time.
A Thousand Faces

Whether you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista, WindowBlinds 6
provides native skinning to the GUI. It integrates so seamlessly into
the operating system that it is the only solution Microsoft itself has
ever licensed to deliver custom-branded themes for its users.
WindowBlinds 5 is Microsoft certified and WindowBlinds 6 is even better.

As good as someone might think Windows looks, it is a one-size fits all
solution. WindowBlinds gives users thousands of new looks to choose

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