Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 3.62 + portable (Thinstalled)

Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 3.62 + portable (Thinstalled)

Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 3.62 + portable (Thinstalled) | 9.8 MB

Create all kinds of screensavers and professional screensavers.


– Easy with Sprites: Creating state-of-art screensavers with sprites (animated objects moving on screen) has never been easier. For example, you’ll be able to create in minutes a cool screensaver with your company logo bouncing on screen.
– Images with transparency (including alpha-channel) are supported. Several options are available: Bouncing on the screen borders, realistic collisions between objects and more…
– Unlimited with Flash®: If you use to create Macromedia Flash® movies, you’ll produce limitless screensavers. The product is fully compatible with SWF movies up to MX. You can produce full screen or scaled playback. An interesting feature permits creating interactive screensavers (the user can click in movie to interact with the screensaver).
– Relaxing with Slideshows: Creating slideshow screensavers is also possible. Many transitions are available including the famous “fade-in & fade-out” effects. Several options are available to meet your needs: background sounds, ability to attach a speech to each image, display with automatic screen resolution adjustment, and more.
– Dynamic with Video: If you have created a video movie, you’ll be able to create a screensaver from it in a few minutes. For example, it’s a great idea for a company to make a screensaver from a TV advertisement clip. All the video file formats are supported: AVI, MPEG, ASF, QuickTime, RealMedia.

Professional screensavers:

– Create professional installation packages

The corporate edition permits creating installable packages of your screensavers. This is the best method to distribute your screensavers. The resulting installation is very professional and permits the end-user installing the screensaver. any options are available to customize the installer (logo, icon, license agreement, command switches…).
– Sell your screensavers by creating Limited/Trial versions. More and more authors actually sell their screensavers. It’s very easy using Internet. The product allows you to create demo/limited screensavers. It’s very easy because it’s just an option of the compilation prosess. You can limit the trial period or the number of objects displayed. The screensaver is unlockable. If the user is interested by the trial version, he purchases a code to unlock it. You can generate unlock codes using a powerful built-in feature.

– Create multi-language screensavers

The built-in compiler permits you to choose the language of the installation procedure as well as the screensaver dialog. Eight languages are available: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese and Italian.
Download Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 3.62



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