Frontline Bluetooth Sniffer

Frontline Bluetooth Sniffer

Frontline Bluetooth Sniffer – 20,59 MB

Bluetooth Security seems to be very good compared to 802.11 problems. But most of the Bluetooth Security is based the PIN you have to enter during pairing two devices or on the link key, which is a result of it. In addition Bluetooth uses much more channels and hops frequently within the spectrum, which makes Analyzing a real pain. Sniffing raw communication without being paired is until now only available to rich companies or individuals which could buy one of the over-priced Bluetooth Sniffers. When i say High-Priced i talk about 10’000 US$.

Frontline is one of the few Bluetooth Sniffer manufacturers and they sell their application together with a “special” Bluetooth sniffer ComProbe / dongle. Here are some marketing highlights from their FTS4BT product website:

– Supports EDR (Enhanced Data Rate): FTS4BT is the only analyzer currently on the market to support Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR.
– Finger-sized Bluetooth ComProbe: Air sniffing hardware is incredibly portable and requires no power.
– Synchronized air and HCI sniffing: FTS4BT provides multiple points of observation, speeding up debug time.
– Real-time debugging: FTS4BT captures, decodes, filters and displays data, and detects protocol errors simultaneously, all live and in real-time.
– Decodes all Bluetooth protocols and most profiles. Quick release of new profiles to keep pace with changing Bluetooth specifications.
– Extract Audio into WAV files for playback and analysis.
– Includes Framedecoder for rapid development and seamless integration of HCI Vendor Extensions and other custom protocol implementations.
– This Frontline technology is how we meet Bluetooth challenges



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