Total Commander Ultima Prime 4.1

Total Commander Ultima Prime 4.1

Total Commander Ultima Prime 4.1 – 92,8 MB

Total Commander Ultima Prime is an extended version of Total Commander, superb windows explorer and manager all in one.
Total Commander Ultima Prime is a massive collection of the software and customized settings sets gathered in one installation package for enhancing Total Commander (file manager) possibilities.
It contains extended main menu and toolbar, other programs, numerous plugins, changed layout and other elements. The massive list of applications included is listed here…

Total Commander Ultima Prime differs from official distribution of Total Commander provided by Christian Ghisler.
You can do everything with Total Commander Ultima Prime, manage files, edit, play, and do whatever can be done with any file on your computer.

Version 4 gives installer code changes: users can define files extensions associations for internal programs; Project gained excellent software called Unlocker, which helps deleting files locked by Windows; “Tools” menu now contains applications bundled with AIMP player (Advanced Tag Editor, Audio Converter, Audio Recorder); “Thumbnails view” mode gives additional files information and shows images not handled by WLX plugins; Few applications have been updated and known bugs have been fixed.

Total Commander Ultima Prime is a full package and you don’t need other tools at all.
It’s fully customizable so you can set it the way you want.

Tools and plugins included:

Angel Writer
Free Download Manager
HateML Pro
Miranda IM
Sumatra PDF
System Info for Windows
The KMPlayer
Universal Extractor

Content plugins (WDX)
-Exif plugin
-Image Info

Filesystem plugins (WFX)
-Control Panel
-Device Manager
-Events NT
-ex2fs plugin
-HTTP SmartBrowserPlugin
-Motorola P2K
-SecureFTP (SFTP)
-Startup Guard
-Virtual Disk

Packer plugins (WCX)
-7zip Plugin for Total Commander
-AES encryptor plugin for Total Commander
-Audio Converter
-Blat Mailer plugin
-CHMDir Plugin
-DiskDir Extended
-Graphics Converter
-IMG Plugin
-iso plugin
-Total Resizer (TotalRSZ)

Lister plugins (WLX)
-3D File viewer
-DVI Simple Viewer
-FileInfo (Version Information Viewer)
-Mmedia (Multimedia Player and Id3tag Viewer)
-Wise Tracker

What’s new in Total Commander Ultima Prime 4.1

2008-07-31 23:59:59

Continuing fourth TC UP edition goals (better system integration), the newest version gives the possibility to create shortcuts for included application. It can simply be be achieved during the installation procedure.

Ant Movie Catalog application has been included into project, which allows to manage users movies collections.

Few applications (Total Commander 7.04, AIMP 2.50.270 RC3, Artweaver 0.5.3, Miranda IM 0.8.0 alpha build #18 Unicode, Notepad++ 5.0.2, System Info for Windows Build 2008-07-20, The KMPlayer, uTorrent 1.8 RC6 build 11564, VirtualDub 1.8.3, XnView 1.94.1) and plugins have been updated to the newest versions.

Also all known bugs have been fixed.



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