V-com System Commander 9.03

V-com System Commander 9.03

V-com System Commander 9.03 | 60.6 MB

Safely partition, install and run multiple operating systems on one computer. When booting, simply select the operating system you want to use and System Commander takes care of the rest. Multiple OS Management and Partitioning – Easily add and remove OSes – great for safe migrations to a new OS, trying out Linux, or any other OS you’d like. System Commander is the ultimate boot manager!

As a boot manger, Supports every PC-compatible OS!

– Automatic preparation for adding OSes
– User selectable graphics
– Installs from any Windows, including Windows Vista
– Free! Partition Commander – Safe resize, create, move & copy for Windows, Linux and DOS partitions.
– Undo partitioning with exclusive BackStep™ technology.

Other Features:

Manage Multiple Operating Systems with Ease
System Commander handles every OS available on the PC including every Windows, Linux, Solaris and more. The OS Wizard™ determines the best configuration for new operating systems and prepares your PC for the additional OS. This makes migrating to a new operating system much easier and less risky, by allowing you to keep your current reliable operating system exactly the same.

The Safest Way to Install an Operating System
System Commander safely and automatically prepares your hard drive to accept your new OS while protecting everything already on your computer – data and other OSes. Simply choose the OS you plan to install, and the OS Wizard will set up your system! System Commander automatically partitions your hard drive for increased protection.

Exclusive Undo Technology
System Commander’s undo feature is the safest and easiest way to return your system to its original configuration. Using the BackStep® Wizard, you can see all of the actions that the OS Wizard previously performed and any partitioning work. Simply select the operations that you wish to reverse and the BackStep Wizard will undo those steps. Nothing could be easier!


Boot any x86 OS on one PC

* Windows Vista through 95
* Linux & Unix
* Old OSes like OS/2, DOS, even CP/M

Partition Automatically

* OS Wizard prepares disk for each new OS
* Improve performance, organization and more
* Copy one drive to another
* Manual Resize, Copy, Move, Create, Format, Delete, Convert

Run OSes at full speed all the time

* Non-resident design ensures OS has 100% access to all hardware



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