Wheatworks Home Selling Calculator v1.100

Wheatworks Home Selling Calculator v1.100

Wheatworks Home Selling Calculator v1.100 | 2 MB

Home Selling Calculator, $39.95 US, gives you the ability to see the effect of time on market on your net profit from selling your home.Selling a house for a profit is not easy as it may first appear. And setting a good selling price may be counter-intuitive. For example, it can be better to start with a lower asking price when selling into a slow market. But, then again, no one wants to start low … it’s hard to raise an asking price.

Determining a selling price for a home is not easy. And there are several ways it can be done. First, there’s the “I want as much as I can get”, bottom line price. It’s based on a desired profit. The thought process behind this price often includes: “I want to clear $50,000. I owe $228,000 so I’ll set the price at $278,000.” This is probably the most common way people set the price of a house they wish to sell.

Others seek professional help when setting the sales price. They contact a real estate agent and ask for help, “I want to sell my house. What’s a good price for it?” Usually the agent will visit and give you a ballpark price or refer you to a professional appraiser. You can also explore the housing market yourself, and compare your house to houses similar to yours to determine an asking price.

Whatever method one uses to determine a sales price, people often fail to consider the house’s carrying costs. Those are the financial alligators that take big bites out of your profit as each month passes while your house is for sale. Home Selling Calculator shows you clearly how these monthly carrying costs can eat into the profit you might make from selling your house.



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