NetOp Remote Control 9.0

NetOp Remote Control 9.0

NetOp Remote Control 9.0 | 23MB | RS

NetOp Remote Control 9.0 offering new security and real time sight and sound communication features. The program allows remote control of one or more computers from another computer and is typically used for network management, system administration and technical support.
NetOp Remote Control 9.00 Build 2007250 – is a family of cross platform PC remote control products. From the luxury of your own PC you can access remote workstations and servers. You can view the screen on the remote PC, control its keyboard and mouse, transfer files in both directions, initiate chat, audio chat, record sessions, and much more. The NetOp family offers high performance and great stability, yet consumes a minimum of system resources. And it’s quick to install and easy to use.

At a Glance

* Complete remote control of computers via network, Internet and PPPs

* Remote Management with full access to system control, services, registry, task manager, eventlogs, approvals and consoles

* Secure, easy to automate file transfer for copying, moving, synchronizing and cloning of data

* Hardware and software inventories of remote systems

* Central installation

* Unrivalled protocol, platform support, authentication and encryption

* Optional Security Server for central authentication, authorization and logging

* Excellent performance even on low bandwidthconnections

* Simple, take control of all devices from one window

* Session recordings for audit

* Rapid return on investment (ROI)

* Reliable, scalable and secure


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