NovaBACKUP Business Essentials v10.0.28605

NovaBACKUP Business Essentials v10.0.28605

NovaBACKUP Business Essentials v10.0.28605

NovaBACKUP® Business Essentials is our most complete, most powerful small business solution. Built for those who need the most powerful and comprehensive Server level protection, including Microsoft SQL and Exchange support, Open File Management and more built-in, to keep your most critical business assets and data safe.

-> Smart, Simple Restore

-> Online Backup & Recovery

-> Smart Select

-> Step-by-Step Wizards

-> Flexible Scheduler

-> Disk Imaging Disaster Recovery

-> E-mail Reporting

-> Faster Backups

-> Virus Protection and Updates

-> Protect Networked Computers

-> Plug-and-Play Support

-> Expert Technical Support.

Every day computer users lose critical data, music, and photos due to hard drive crashes, network crashes, disasters, Internet malware and even theft or vandalism. Protecting data can be done simply and cost effectively with NovaBACKUP software solutions. Users can protect their data through simple and repetitive schedules that can backup all files, open files, new files, and changed files to storage devices of their choice—external hard drives, network servers, blu-rays, or online to FTP Servers and online storage accounts. Once data is backed up and stored, restoring or recovering lost data can be done to specific days and times with just a few simple clicks.


Smart, Simple Restore
NovaBACKUP® creates a list of all files backed up and allows the user the flexibility to restore all files or only the files needed. Restores can be made through a variety of options including the ability to overwrite existing files or restore to alternate locations for the ultimate in flexibility.

Online Backup & Recovery
NovaBACKUP’s integration of online backup options with FTP and Internet Storage accounts enables users to backup and recover data online from any location without being IT experts. With online data protection, users can be assured their data is secure in the event of an on-site disaster.

Smart Select
With just a few clicks, all photos, music, documents and e-mails can be backed up. Smart Select simplifies the file selection process by enabling users to quickly select files by type, eliminating the need to search through endless folders and directories for the right data.

Step-by-Step Wizards
Easy to use wizards guide users through the installation process to complete protection quickly and simply. NovaBACKUP’s intuitive user interface enables users of any skill level to create and manage automatic backup processes.

Flexible Scheduler
A flexible scheduler enables users to customize backup times and routines to suit their needs and those of their work environment. With setand- forget logic, users can be assured their backup processes are being performed automatically and their data is secure without additional effort.

Disk Imaging Disaster Recovery
NovaBACKUP’s new disk imaging disaster recovery feature takes a snap shot of the entire system to protect and preserve data in the event of a disaster. With the image stored on a disk, a workstation or server can be restored quickly and simply to its pre-disaster state. Additionally, individual file backups can be used to restore user data. This combination of disk imaging and file backup facilities in NovaBACKUP is the method of backup that is most recommended by IT specialist.

E-mail Reporting
NovaBACKUP sends status reports of your backup, copy or mirror jobs via e-mail.

Faster Backups
NovaBACKUP’s new backup engine offers increased speeds for faster backup times.

Virus Protection and Updates
NovaBACKUP also includes integrated virus protection to help prevent the transfer of infected files before the backup occurs. Free virus definition updates are continually made available to provide reliable ongoing protection for the latest viruses.

Protect Networked Computers
Peer-to-Peer backup is possible because NovaBACKUP is network aware. A single backup procedure can protect the data on your computer and other systems on your network. Backup any network drive your computer can access.

Plug-and-Play Support
Plug-and-play support means compatibility with hundreds of storage devices including DVD, CD, Blu-ray, local and network drives, tape, USB and most other storage devices. NovaBACKUP has integrated support for more devices than any other backup software.

Expert Technical Support
Our expert assistance is available to curb downtimes providing a better return on investment for your data security. NovaStor aims to provide reliable software that our customers can depend on. When assistance is required, standard technical support is offered via e-mail and our web site. Fee based priority technical support, maintenance and upgrade protection plans are also available.


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