Bookmark Base v3.0.1.0 Retail

Bookmark Base v3.0.1.0 Retail

Bookmark Base v3.0.1.0

Share bookmarks between multiple computers and browsers.

Are your bookmarks portable? Can you access your favorites from any computer, any browser?
If the answer is no – Bookmark Base is a tool for you! It will transfer and synchronize all your bookmarks or favorites on all browsers you use on a given PC. Even more, it will synchronize bookmarks between as many different PCs as you may use!

Bookmark Base is a portable bookmark database. What does this mean: probably you had a situation when you were working for a long time on two (home and work) computers simultaneously. After a time you will have two different sets of bookmarks on both of them.

Here comes Bookmark Base! You feed your base with bookmarks from both of those ‘gray boxes’. Links are checked internally for duplicates and errors (‘dead’ links) and then you can deploy that merged set on any PC into any browser you like. All the time you just need to launch it, press ‘Import’ and here you go, all the new ones join the old stuff. The same way they can be exported to any PC.

If you are here on this site, chances are high that at least once you encountered a situation when you were using two or more computers during a long period of time. Maybe that was your home computer and computer in your office, or maybe you have a desktop PC and a laptop. No doubt you ended up with several different sets of bookmarks on all of them.

Maybe you even tried to put your favorities to sync by using your browser’s ‘Export’ function, and then importing those bookmarks into the browser on the second PC. Chances are high you ended up with a mess, with part of your links being dead and another part duplicated. Even worse, some of the duplicate bookmarks could reside in different folders, making the entire structure really hard to havigate.

With Bookmark Base, you will no longer face this situation ever again. This tool will keep your favorite links synchronized with just a few clicks. It’s really simple to use. First, you import your bookmarks from all computers, each operation taking you no more than two clicks. Then, Bookmark Base will check your links for duplicates and errors (‘dead’ links). Then, you can deploy that merged set on any PC into any browser you like. That’s even easier: you just need to launch Bookmark Base, click ‘Import’, and your browser has exactly the same set of links as all others.

We are constantly developing and improving our bookmark manager so we need your comments about it. Help us to make to make Bookmark Base the best bookmark manager ever!

You may use Bookmark Base for checking bookmarks for validity, for transferring bookmarks between different PCs, or for synchronizing bookmarks between different browsers on one PC.

* BrowsersAll popular browsers supported: all versions of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Seamonkey, Internet Explorer (IE7 too), Maxthon, K-meleon and Opera. Also Bookmark Base supports importing and exporting XBEL files.
* EditingSimple bookmarks editor: you can change titles, URLs and descriptions for your bookmarks.
* Bookmarks checkerFast embedded bookmarks checker: check all your bookmarks for validity instantly (bulk checker available in registered version only). The average checking speed is about 80-100 bookmarks a minute, it depends on Internet connection speed.
* Bookmarks searhingSearch in bookmarks: to simplify navigation in thousands of bookmarks we have a powerful searching facility embedded in Bookmark Base. It allows you to search bookmarks by all of their parameters, to search bookmarks in specific folders and much more. Now it’s easy to find required bookmark in a second.
* Bookmarks exportingMultiple bookmarks exporting abilities: to another browser, to XBEL file or even to your beloved web bookmark storage (currently in development).
* SecuritySecurity and privacy: your bookmarks are kept in one encrypted file and they are not transferred anywhere keeping your Internet findings in-house.
* PortabilityAbsolute portability: there is no locking to certain PC. Bookmark Base was designed with portability in mind and it be transferred between computers without any restrictions. It will leave no traces on any PC launched on. The best way is to keep Bookmark Base on your USB drive or iPod, this is convenient and your bookmarks will always be in the way.


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