Geometry Expressions v1.1.10

Geometry Expressions v1.1.10

Geometry Expressions v1.1.10 -10,0 MB

Geometry Expressions – The world’s first interactive symbolic geometry program

Geometry + Algebra = Symbolic Geometry

Geometry Expressions is the first geometry software package that allows you to interact with your figure numerically and symbolically. This symbolic interaction brings together geometry and algebra for the first time in an interactive geometry system.

Geometry Expressions is a constraint based geometry system. The benefits of this type of system are:

>> Many geometric configurations are much more easily specified using constraints than constructions
>> It is a much more convenient style for expressing real world problems
>> This is the approach used in modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems

Symbolic Geometry

In Geometry Expressions if you put symbols in as the values of constraints, you get symbolic expressions out for measurements (see above figure). This means:

* Reinforcing multiple representations (geometric and algebraic) of the same problem
* Symbiosis with CAS (like Maple, Mathematica, Nspire, ClassPad Manager)
* Makes the geometry software extremely relevant in algebra, precalculus and calculus courses, as well as in university and professional engineering contexts.

You can use Geometry Expressions as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with your favorite algebra system via MathML input and output. Think of Geometry Expressions as a geometry front end for your algebra system.

Or think of it as an algebraic extension of your geometry system. Or think of it as a stand alone system that puts the mathematics back in geometry.


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