Teachers Personal Markbook v2.012 (buat isi nilai or isi rapot)

Teachers Personal Markbook v2.012 (buat isi nilai or isi rapot)


Teachers Personal Markbook v2.012

Teacher’s Personal Markbook is your mark and grade solution for scaling results and grading students. With it you can:

Assign grades
Scale results
Print results and graphs
Prepare for your reports

No matter whether your school already has a markbook, or you are currently using a spreadsheet like Excel to do your grades, Teacher’s Personal Markbook is designed as a markbook for you. It has built-in calculations so you do not need to set up formulae. It can weight a set of marks using z-scores or, if you prefer, the standardization can be turned off and raw scores marks can be combined directly. Have you ever tried to correctly assign rank positions taking into account students with equal results with a spreadsheet? Teacher’s Personal Markbook can do it simply.

Features :

A disadvantage with many of the systems now used to track your students’ progress is that they are either web based, or they are based on a centralised database where only “official” results can be stored.

While Internet and Web based systems are great when they work, you may have experienced the frustration of servers that are “down” or network issues that prevent you from getting your work done. In contrast, Teacher’s Personal Markbook is an application you can run from your local PC – anytime. You can even run it from a USB drive to use anywhere you are.

A centralised database of student results simplifies the production of school reports and tracking student progress. Teacher’s Personal Markbook is not a replacement for such a system, but what if you want to store other information about your students that are not catered for in the centralised database? With Teacher’s Personal Markbook you can store the information you want.

Do you want to get a head start with your student reports? Teacher’s Personal Markbook allows you to draft your comments for the school reports complete with spell checking facilities. The information in Teacher’s Personal Markbook can then be exported either as a file or via the Windows Clipboard to use in your other school software.



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