MyScript® Notes 2.2 | € 59.95

MyScript® Notes 2.2 | € 59.95

MyScript Notes v2.2 | Multilanguage | 215 MB

Convert handwritten notes into powerful digital text!

MyScript Notes 2.2 is ready-to-use handwriting recognition software that converts handwritten notes into digital information for further use in back-end applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook. It can be used with all devices requiring handwritten input, such as Digital pens, TabletPCs and Graphic tablets.

Vision Objects’ MyScript Technology converts handwriting, shapes, tables and diagrams to be further processed in Microsoft Word or sent to Outlook. It respects the original layout of documents and features an ink editor to erase, highlight or replace text.

MyScript Notes recognizes capital letters, hand printed and cursive handwriting.

The User Interface is available in all languages. With MyScript Notes a personal dictionary can be built to increase the recognition rate.

This unique technology, developed by Vision Objects, brings value to documents and makes it easy to share them, on the spot, with colleagues and friends!

MyScript Trainer
MyScript Notes 2.2 features MyScript Trainer, a module that creates a personal profile in order to improve the recognition of the user’s personal handwriting style. Myscript Trainer supports all the recognized languages.

Language Support

MyScript Notes supports the following languages:

Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
English (UK, US and Canada)
French (France & Canada)
Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil)
Spanish (Spain & Mexico)

Compatible devices

.dhw — ACECAD DigiMemo (only single page documents)
.dnt — UC Logic LaPazz
.eli — EPOS, DANE-ELEC Z-pen
.irx — iRex iLiad
.notes — MyScript Notes (native format)
.pen — Logitech IO & IO2 Digital Pen
.pgd, .pgc — Digital Pens (Maxell, Nokia SU-1B & SU-27W)
.pnt — Pegasus NoteTaker
.ps — IBM Crosspad
.svg — Sony Ericsson Chatpen
.top — Digital Ink Pad, EZPad, Genius G-Note 7000
Through the Ink Editor in the User Interface:
Graphic Tablets and Tablet PCs


CPU: Pentium 233 or better
OS: Windows 2000, NT, XP, XP Tablet, Vista
Recommended Memory: 256 MB
Storage: 370 MB
Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768


Live Links : 3/3

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