Portable Dr.Batcher 1.3

Portable Dr.Batcher 1.3

Portable Dr.Batcher 1.3

Create BAT files easily!

What is Dr.Batcher and why should you use it?
Dr.Batcher is a powerful tool for creation and editing Windows batch files. Using Dr.Batcher you can really simplify creation of batch files, and using batch files you can automate many routine operations. So, Dr.Batcher will save your time.
What is a batch file?
Batch file is a small script that allows you to automate some routine operations: for example, creation of backups, cleaning folders from garbage files, etc. Batch file is like a small program, and it’s very easy to create it with Dr.Batcher!
It’s packaged in Thinstall3.358 Program is registered

Features of Dr.Batcher
* Modern and friendly user interface
* Professional text editor with syntax highlight, bookmarks, lines numbering
* Code tool tips for standard commands
* Fast code commenting/uncommenting
* Printing with highlighting and print preview
* Showing environment variables and copying their values
* Multilingual user interface
* Templates and examples
* Windows Vista support
* 1.3.9: Fixed some issues with translation of interface
* 1.3: Added Russian translation, fixed behavior of options dialog, simplified registration.


Live Links : 1/1

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