Net Control 2 v7.0.2.173

Net Control 2 v7.0.2.173

Net Control 2 v7.0.2.173

Net Control 2 was specially designed for easy management public access computers, school and classroom environment, libraries, Internet and Cyber-cafe, office and home networks. It easily manage several computers at a time and is effective for controlling large computer groups.

Net Control 2 is award-winning software, and now used in more than 140 countries.

It is feature-rich software. Particularly, Net Control 2 is not simple Remote Desktop software, it includes more than 30 different remote control, teaching and monitoring tools. In addition, allows scripting and scheduled tasks.

Has user-friendly and and intuitive user interface.

Finally, we are pleased to offer lowest in the industry cost of licensing: our prices start at $2.50 per computer license; free technical support and free upgrade period.

Here is just several of major Net Control 2 features:

– Remote Desktop – view and remote control one or several User computers, using keyboard and mouse.
– Broadcast Desktop – display image of Administrator’s Desktop on remote computers.
– File Manager – allows to manage files remotely, copy files to several computers simultaneously
– Internet Access Manager – block and control access to Internet.
– Policies and Allowed Programs Managers – apply restrictions to system folders and forbid execution of programs.
– Speech Manager – speech with remote users.
– Messaging Manager, Chats, control programs remotely.
– Make electronic manuals with Desktop Recorder tool , recording activity on the Desktop.
– Lock and unlock computers remotely.
– Schedule remote operations.

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