Windows Vista Tiny 2008 v1 + v2 with SP1

Windows Vista Tiny 2008 v1 + v2 with SP1

Windows Vista Tiny 2008 v1 + v2 with SP1

Thank you for trying this special eXPerience edition of Windows Vista

No product key is needed. Windows Vista is activated upon installation. Windows
is fully patched with all “important” Windows Updates to 8th may 2007.

The 512Mb RAM memory requirement is reduced to just 256Mb.

The requirement of almost 8Gb of disk space is reduced to less than 3Gb.

This installation only takes up about 35% of the size of a normal installation
of Windows Vista. Many components have been removed from this edition of Windows,
but you still have Microsoft’s three main programs:

Internet Explorer 7
Windows Mail (Formerly “Outlook Express”)
Windows Media Player 11

You also have the new Aero theme in this edition
of Windows and the ability to use Windows Update.

There are no services taken out of this special edition of Windows.
Only three services have been disabled: Remote Registry, Windows Error
Reporting Service, Windows Search.

You cannot do an upgrade installation from this CD, because the upgrade files
have been removed. You can only install Windows by booting from the CD and
formatting your partition or hard drive.

There are concerns about finding a good firewall and antivirus for Windows Vista.
If you want to use a good antivirus, get hold of NOD32 v2.70.31 (or later) and use
the NSANE fix. For a firewall, you’re stuck with the built in firewall it seems, at
least until software vendors start to make Vista compatible firewalls. On June 7th
2007, Comodo Firewall version 3 is due for release – this will have Vista

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow thx

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow thx

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