Diamonds Styles For Photoshop

Diamonds Styles For Photoshop

Diamonds Styles For Photoshop

The Best Selling Photoshop Diamond-Style Collection!
This collection includes text styles & patterns that reproduce the look of jewelry with diamonds:
* Diamonds & Gold
* Diamonds & Platinum

* Diamonds Net Patterns
* Pearl
* Emerald

* Topaz
* Amethyst

How to use:
With the Photoshop Diamond-Style Collection, creating great-looking designs is easy:
1. Download the file
2. Open the file in Photoshop
3. Choose the typing tool
4. Double-click the text layer then start typing*
Where to use:
* These patterns and text styles are ideal for Print Designs: book covers, brochures background, labels, wrapping paper patterns, etc…
* These Patterns are excellent for creating web-page design such as wallpapers, background images, decorations, print designs, etc…
* You can use these cool patterns with diamonds to create your own custom background images for MySpace.
* With the Diamond Text Style you can quickly generate a Logo: just Click & Type.
* You can generate background images and screen savers for your mobile phones.

Use bold and big size fonts.

Compatible software:
Layer styles are compatible with Photoshop 6, and up and can also be used with Photoshop Elements.

Live Links : 1/1

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