Windows XP Hardcore Edition (SP3 + DX10)

Windows XP Hardcore Edition (SP3 + DX10)

Windows XP Hardcore Edition (SP3 + DX10)

Windows XP Hardcore Edition (SP3 + DX10)

by Phisherman

This version of Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 is made to be clean, fast, and powerful. I made it to be the perfect Windows XP distro, which it is at least for me. Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions, thanks.

Components Removed:
-Accessibility Options
-Internet Games
-Non-English Keyboards/Languages
-AOL ART Image Format Support
-Intel Indeo codecs
-MSN Explorer
-Mouse Cursors
-Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
-Tablet PC
-Help and Support
-Search Assistant
-Security Center

-Added unsigned themes support (Uxtheme Patch)
-Extended status messages for starting, shutting down, loggin on/off
-Preconfigured advanced search to search system folders, hidden files, and all subfolders
-LST, CFG, and NFO files open with Notepad by default
-Classic Control Panel enabled by default
-Removed “Shortcut to” prefix on new shortcuts
-Contents of system folders are displayed by default
-Recycle Bin can be renamed or deleted
-Hidden files and folders are shown by default
-IE accepts 10 connects at a time (default is 2)
-Disabled automatic search for network folders and printers
-Disabled info tips on files and folders
-Disabled last accessed timestamp on files
-Disabled error reporting
-Enhanced WMP privacy
-Various start menu and taskbar tweaks

NO services have been removed or altered.

WMP 11 is fully slipstreamed and updated.

Includes the latest DriverPacks for LAN and mass storage.

Go to the \Setups\ folder to find these programs:
-DirectX 10 for Windows XP
-ZuneDesktop Theme
-RAM Disk
-.NET Framework 2.0


Live Links : 5/5

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