Active WebTraffic v8.17 Final

Active WebTraffic v8.17 Final

Active WebTraffic v8.17 Final

Active WebTraffic v8.17 Final– 5Mb

Submits your web site to thousands of search engines and internet directories.

Active WebTraffic will automatically register your website with over 1 million search engines, directories and link pages, and it is the most popular web site promotion software package ever released by Myrasoft! A complete web promotion software package that contains everything you need to launch your web site on the net and keep it at the top, a key piece of software that gives you an invaluable advantage over your competition. Check it out!


* Keyword Density Analyzer
* Find out who is ranking at the top for your preferred keywords
*Improve your ranking by replicating and enhancing a competitors web page with a better ranking
* Step 5: Analyzing your conversion and planning improvement areas
* Reports
* Automatically Create Reports
*Project Data Reports
* Submission Reports
* Ranking Reports
*Keyword Density Analyzer Reports
* Promotional Resources
*Create Custom Reports with your logo and company name
* Create Reports for your clients
*Create Reports in Email, Plain Text or HTML format
* Post reports to your web site
*Email Reports to 1 or more email addresses
* Customize your web promotion reports with your own web styles
* Enter Notes or to do tasks
*Enter any notes, to do tasks or comments for a web promotion project
Server Monitoring
*Automatically monitor your web site and server protocols at specific intervals
*Site Statistics – optional service
*Get accurate and timely web analytics directly from within Active WebTraffic. This an optional full featured web site statistics service with additional fees.
* Database and software updates
*Search Engine Database
*Automatically update your Engine Database directly from the program
*Free Search Engine Database and Knowledge Base Updates
*Add New Search Engines
*Add your own targeted search engines to the User Engines database
* Import External Projects
*Import web promotion projects from other applications or standard databases such as Access, Excel or SQL
* Automatic Program Updater
*Automatically check to make sure you have the latest software version at all times
* Free Support
* Free customer service support
* Built-in support form to send questions to our support team directly from the program


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