Cryptload 1.1.4

Cryptload 1.1.4

Cryptload 1.1.4 | 10 MB

Cyptload is a hand made custom program enabling you to bypass etc. time and download limits. It has a download manager interface and featured with plugins to add more features and services. It has a interface to automatically restart and assign new IP address for the routers.

You can use Cyptload for:


CryptLoad Features:

– Downloading from One-Click-Hosters
– Decrypt Services
– Many plug-ins
– Intelligent download management
– Parallel downloads
– Part downloading automatic router-reconnect
– Files are ordered in packages
– Supporting CCF, DLC and RSDF container files
– Captcha recgonition
– Support http proxy
– Integrated Update-System
– Clipboard monitoring for fast link adding
– Possibility to shutdown the computer after downloads are finished
– Automatic extraction of downloaded archives
– Automatic updates


Download Direct Download Cryptload 1.1.4 | Rapidshare


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